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Elliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTline
Elliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTlineElliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTlineElliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTline

Elliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTline

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Toote kood: 10074200
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Elliptline trenažöör inCondi ET2000i inSPORTline

Would you like to use an elliptical trainer and not be limited by a fixed stride length? And how about having some fun during your workout? Wouldn’t it be just great if you could browse the Internet or listen to your favorite music? The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET2000i is what you are looking for! Its unique stride length adjustment system offers as many as 5 different positions (41 – 66cm), allowing you to adjust the stride length not only to your height but also to the kind of workout you want to simulate (walking, jogging or running). The powerful flywheel with a magnetic braking system allows you to smoothly switch between the machine’s 16 resistance levels. The moving handles offer 6 different grips while the fixed handles underneath the display allow you to track your heart rate.

The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET2000i also has Wi-Fi, opening up new horizons by allowing you to watch YouTubebrowse the Internet or run anywhere in the world (virtual run). You can control everything and set your workout program on an easy-to-read display. The machine offers 12 preset programs. However, you can also save as many as 4 user programs. You may also appreciate the popular HRC and WATT programs, which automatically adjust the resistance to the target heart rate or performance. The main feature of the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET2000i, however, is that you can open your apps on its display, which means that you do not need to install them on your phone/tablet.


One Step Ahead

The biggest advantage of the Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET2000i is the five-point stride length adjustment system, which allows you adjust the position to your height/type of workout with a single push of a button. The difference between the shortest and longest stride length is 25 centimeters. Each of the 5 positions is suitable for a different kind of workout – walking, jogging, running. The ergonomic suspension pedals provide maximum comfort.

Comfort And Style

The Elliptical Trainer inSPORTline inCondi ET2000i‘s interestingly shaped frame will catch your eye. The elegant exterior offers plenty of practical features that will enhance your workout experience. The spacious pedals are ergonomic and absorb vibrations. The soft moving handles offer as many as 6 different grip positions, allowing you to adjust your grip to your height/type of workout.


Great Functions And Beautiful Display

This model features a color touch screen display on which you can follow all the functions and programs. There are 12 preset programs. However, if you do not like any of them, you can create and save as many as 4 user programs. If you want an intense workout, you can choose either the HRC or the WATT program. And if you need to rest for a while, you can use the Pause function, which will pause your workout without deleting your progress.

Multimedia Use

The most interesting part of the control panel is the set of apps that is a part of the machine’s software. Since the machine uses the Android operating system, you do not need to connect it to any mobile device. All you have to do is connect to Wi-Fi and open any app you like. This way, you can watch YouTube videos, browse the Internet, watch Netflix, listen to your favorite music on Spotify or explore virtual routes on iRoute.


Key features:

  • Professional elliptical trainer with unique stride length adjustment system
  • Powerful flywheel with magnetic braking system
  • Comfortable handles with 6 grip positions
  • Android operating system allows you to use multimedia apps on control panel
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ergonomic suspension pedals
  • High weight limit
  • Elegant design
  • Wide range of preset programs
  • Color touch screen display
  • Pause function
  • USB port that you can use to recharge your phone
  • Machine can be used without Wi-Fi connection
  • HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user’s heart rate in optimal zone
  • WATT program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to help user achieve set goal
  • Computer displays: time, speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), distance, calories, heart rate, performance (watt), resistance

Technical description:

Flywheel weight

12 kg

Resistance operation


Number of resistance modes


Pedal spacing

27 cm

Stride length

41 cm / 46 cm / 50 cm / 61 cm / 66 cm

Number of modes


Preset programs


User programs


HRC program


WATT program


Manual program


Heart rate monitor


Tablet holder


Bottle holder


HR belt receiver


HR belt included


Transportation wheels


Uneven surface adjustment



Height 164 cm x width 63 cm x length 158.5 cm

Maximum user height

No restrictions

Weight limit

150 kg


163 kg

Braking system


Power source

220V, 230V


SC (EN957)


commercial, club, home

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Astme laius27 cm
Ebatasase pinna reguleerimissüsteemJah
Hooratta kaal12 kg
Kaal136 kg
Kaalulimiit (kg)150 kg
Käepideme pulsisensoridJah
LaagridSelf-aligning ball bearings
Maksimaalne kasutaja pikkusPuudub
Mõõdud kokkupanduna159 x 63 x 164
Rattad transportimiseksJah
Vastupanu levelid16
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