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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms and conditions

1.1. The terms apply to the legal relations arising between a person (hereinafter Customer) and ON24 AS (hereinafter Sportest) as the owner of the shopping environment ON24 AS (hereinafter Sportest) from the purchase of goods by mediation of Sportest.
1.2 In addition to the terms herein, the legal relations arising from the purchase of goods by mediation of Sportest are governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


2. Price

2.1. All prices are shown in Euro and inclusive of value added tax of 20%.
2.2. A delivery fee may be added to the price depending on the delivery option selected in the course of placing an order.


3. Shopping cart and placing an order

3.1. A Customer’s Shopping cart is created at the moment of clicking on the banner “Add to shopping cart” found at the product link.
3.2. The Customer can change the amount of products in the Shopping cart and remove them from the Shopping cart if necessary.
3.3. The products in the Shopping cart are available to other Customers until the order is confirmed.
3.4. When placing an order, the Customer selects a convenient delivery option and makes sure that the recipient data are correct.
3.5. When the Customer has selected the payment option “Pay by invoice”, an invoice will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the Customer following the confirmation of the order.
3.6. The purchase agreement is considered concluded when the Customer has fully paid for the order onto the bank account of
ON24 AS.


4. Payment

4.1. Following the confirmation of the order and when the option of paying by invoice has been selected, the Customer will be e-mailed an invoice which has to be settled within 3 calendar days.
4.2. When the Customer has not received an invoice within 1 hour, it is advised to contact Sportest by phone or e-mail.
4.3. When the Customer requests an extension of the payment term, it is advised to contact Sportest by e-mail address
4.4. When the Customer who has opted to pay by invoice has failed payment within 3 calendar days of invoicing, Sportest considers it as the Customer’s wish to withdraw from the purchase and cancels the order.
4.5. Sportest is entitled to block the Customer’s account if the Customer has cancelled more than five orders.

5. Delivery

5.1. The Customer can choose between the following delivery options:
5.1.1. Home delivery service. Delivery according to delivery terms. The Customer is contacted by phone in order to agree upon the time of delivery on the same day, the next day or the day after the next at the Customer’s convenience. The goods are generally delivered within 1-14 workdays. Price 7,95 Euros.
5.1.3. Network of SmartPost parcel lockers in shopping centres around Estonia. The goods are generally delivered within 1-14 workdays. Price 2,95 Euros.
5.1.4. Collection in person at Sportest warehouse at
 Rukki tee 1, Lehmja küla, Rae vald. 75306​.
5.2. Upon the arrival of goods at the postal operator’s customer service the Customer is notified by a phone call or a text message.
5.3. Sportest is entitled, with advance notification, to deliver to the Customer in place of the product ordered another product which is analogical by nature and has, as a minimum, the same quality, function and price, but may differ in some properties (e.g. colour) from the images or description on product page.

NB! Exercise machines and bicycles transportation to home from the courier for an extra charge. (15 EUR)

6. Cancellation of orders and return of products

6.1. The Customer is entitled to cancel the order before delivery by notifying Sportest by e-mail or phone.
6.2. The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase within 14 calendar days of the delivery of products. For that purpose, the Customer has to provide Sportest with a written withdrawal notice.
6.3. The Customer is obliged to return the returnable products to Sportest in person or by postal service within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving goods. Expenses associated with the return are payable by the Customer.
6.4. The sum (inclusive of delivery fee) that the Customer has paid for the returned products is refunded onto a bank account specified by the Customer within (14 
fourteen) days after submitting return on our webpage.
6.5. Sportest is entitled to recede from the purchase agreement ensuing from the order when the respective product is out of stock.

6.6. 14 day withdrawal does not apply for closed products (such as underwear, sports underwear, swimming pants, swimsuit) for hygenical reasons.

6.7 14 day withdrawal does not aplly if buyer is a lega entity.


7. Warranty

7.1 The Customer is entitled to raise a claim within 2 years of the purchase.If a defect becomes evident within 6 mounths of the purchase of the product,it is presumed that existed at the time of the purchase unless otherwise substantiated by Sportest.After 6 months of the purchase,it is the responsibility of the Customer to prove that the defect is due to a manufacturing fault not caused by incorrect usage.

7.2. Sportest is not liable for:

7.2.1. The deterioration or detriment of the product at the Customer’s fault;
7.2.2. The defects that result from the misuse of the product;
7.2.3. The fair wear and tear of the product through normal usage.
7.3. The Customer is entitled to request the replacement of an inadequate or defective product for another product that conforms to requirements and is without defects or to recede from the order and return the inadequate or defective product at the expense of Sportest.
7.4. Upon the return of an inadequate product Sportest refunds the sum paid for the product (including delivery fee) onto the bank account specified by the Customer within 14 (fourteen) days of the receipt of the withdrawal notice and return request by Sportest.


8. Ownership reservation

8.1. Sportest retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the sale price.


9. Liability and force majeure

9.1. Sportest and the Customer are mutually liable for the damage caused to the other party by the infringement of the terms herein in the instances and to the extent stipulated in the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
9.2. Sportest bears no liability for the damage caused to the Customer or for the delay of delivery if such damage or delay is caused by the circumstances that Sportest is unable to influence, has not anticipated and could not anticipate (force majeure).


10. Other conditions

10.1. Sportest retains the contact information (first and last name, phone number, postal and e-mail addresses) provided by the Customer in the course of registration and purchasing, and the information concerning purchases. Such information is treated as confidential.
10.2. Disputes between the Customer and Sportest related to the ordering and purchasing of products by mediation of Sportest will be settled by negotiations. If the Customer does not accept a solution offered by Sportest and considers his rights inffinged or his interests injured, he is entitled to appeal to the Consumer Disputes Committee trough the Consumer Protection Board or to court. The Customer may submit a complaint in person or by proxy. Contact information of the Consumer Disputes Committee
is available on the webpage of the Consumer Protection Board. For the solution of problems arising in the member states of the European Union the Customer is advised to turn to the European Consumer Centre. Disputes concerning contractual obligations and issuing from internet sales or service contracts between a consumer and a trader, may be teken to the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR platform). Established by the European Union, the ODR platform facilitates independent, impartial, transparent, effektive, fast and fair out-of-court resolution of disputes between consumer and trader online. ODR platform is avaible at http://


11. Contact information


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