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Ketiõli Mint Wet Lube 75ml

Ketiõli Mint Wet Lube 75ml

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Ketiõli Mint Wet Lube 75ml

The Wet Weather Chain Lubricant Mint Wet Lube 75ml is a specially formulated lubricant with a high anti-corrosion content and a film forming wax with a resin binder to improve durability and performance of the chain in wet conditions. Teflon additives help fill the gaps between moving parts to reduce dirt ingress. The “wet” lubricant should be applied more often as it washes out faster than the “dry” one. This is a small version that you can carry in your backpack or fanny pack, allowing you to keep maintain the chain during the ride. 

Technical description:

  • Suitable for rain, dirt and wet weather
  • Teflon additives help reduce contamination of chain parts
  • Gets even to poorly accessible parts of chain

Suitable for:

  • Various types and brands of sprockets, cassettes and chainrings
  • Various types and brands of bike and motorcycle chains
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